This is a photo of our daughter and son in law's black and whites. I have not loaded all the photos off the camera yet. So this is what I have today. Levi is belly up and Jessie is looking quite disgusted. So I finely have a day off from the day job. Which is good because we got our first real snow of the year, and it is cold. I don't want to go out. When I looked this morning we had a temperature of 17 and a wind chill of 4 . I stalled a bit in going to the quilting house to light the heat. Just to darned cold to make that short walk so I was about a hour later than normal. Got the heat going and soon had a nice 60 degrees. Perfect. It is kind of nice today. The sun is out, the snow is blowing about and I don't have to be out in it. I can set here and watch it swirl about. I should probably be doing something a little more productive. Humm.

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