A photo of the old never ending UFO. While I was waiting for things to warm up this morning I put this on my wall. I still have all the pieces, In fact I think I have a few extra pieces. Seven blocks left to finish then I can start trying to set this thing together. Just seven more blocks. How long is that going to take me. Well I don't know but I am leaving this up until I get them done.

I have a list of projects that I want to do. I never know which project I will feel like working on each week ...or day for that matter. LOL This old UFO is close to the top of the list..It was on my list last year and I still want to finish it so I have carried it over to this year. LOL

I have one more client quilt left to finish that came in December. Remember I take time off in December. Having said that...LOL I gave myself a tiny little raise January first. That means that I have some changes to make to the web site, probably new fliers as well.

To update my goals for next week.

1. Client quilting

2. Work on the old UFO blocks

3. Make changes to web site, hand outs, and do paper work for January.

Client quilting will always be at the top of the list even if I don't post it. LOL I just don't post many photos of client quilts. The quilts do not belong to me. I have no idea for the most part what they will do with their finished quilts and I don't want to spoil their fun in any way. I do really enjoy my clients allowing me to help them finish their quilts tho. I just wish I could remember to get permission to post photos of them.

I am off again to find something else to get into.


Anonymous said...

I love the way your UFO is coming together. It will be beautiful when it is finished!

On my quilt intake form I have a place they can check off if I can use their photos or not. It is right up under the name and address info also, so I don't forget it. Most people say yes unless there is some reason (such as a surprise or a quilt from a shop for a sample). Most are thrilled that they are able to see their quilts on-line and they direct friends and family to the website to see it also. It has been a great business it is just fun for them and for me.

You had a good week overall!


Alycia said...

I like that quilt on your wall - maybe seeing it will inspire you to work on it!