My week is such a flurry of stuff that I am not really sure what I actually did get done. LOL In looking back I think I felt busier that I really was. Humm..

I know I finished one client quilt and half of another. I did one ufo block. Only ONE. This is becoming the never ending quilt. Pitiful I know. In my defence...I am tired. LOL I spent five days at the day job. With the weather being what it is...I still can't get my car down the drive to the house. Well OK I can get it down I just can't get it back out again. LOL So husband and I are sharing the four wheel drive truck. So I am parking the car about 150 yards up the hill and walking in and out as needed. Got stuck there one morning and required a push to get going. LOL I am counting the walking in and out as exercise. That is a good thing. Right!

I really do not know where the week went. I have not even taken one photo. Nada. I am going to try to take some photos of something today and will try to post again today or tomorrow.

My goals are going to be the same as the last two weeks. I am becoming a broken record.

Go to Bari's to see what others are doing. You might even want to join in the fun.

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