I have spent most of the week digging snow..and it is snowing again. 4 inches and still snowing.

This is what I worked on this week.

This is the setting for the old UFO, Now to set it all together.

I worked on these blocks. I now have a stack of two rows stitched together, It wont take long to finish the blocks. Then what to do with them? I don't know. This is the third and final project with these fabrics. I started with a stack of fabric, the goal was to see how many projects I could make from that stack.

This is one of the three from the stack. I loaded it on my machine yesterday to PLAY.

This was going to be my next take along project. Then I realised it is a fusible project. I thought I could convert the pattern to needle turn. Until I opened it !!!! The first block has a ton of pieces. Some are really small..pencil eraser small. Back in the package it went. I am looking for something else. Still thinking needle turn applique but I could change my mind ya know.
OK so what will I do for next week? I might work on setting the old UFO together...I might finish the patch blocks. I will probably finish playing with the little quilt on my machine.
I will definitely be digging in stuff.. digging in fabric and books looking for a new carry project..digging in snow....Wait..If I procrastinate shoveling snow...It might melt away. YEAAA!!!!
It is supposed to be in the 30's tomorrow and even warmer for the week end.
How is that for some kind of but not really goals? LOL The old UFO stays on the list until it becomes a completed top. The patch blocks are something I work on while I am waiting for things to warm up in the quilting house.
Go on over to Bari's and see how every one else is doing.


Anonymous said...

Your UFO is looking good! It will get done eventually....but it might wait until after the snow. I think though if you wait on shoveling long enough it will be gone. It is supposed to be in the 50's all next week! YAY!

I love your 16-patch blocks and the fabric. I saw those and immediately thought of white sashing...then saw your current project on the machine. Great minds think alike...LOL

Keep it up and have a great week!


Alycia said...

Hey you got a lot done! Leave the snow - won't it just melt come springtime anyways LOL