My goals were.

1.Client quilts... Kind of caught up. I have more to do but the storm kept me from picking them up.

2.Work on the old ufo. I did work on it a bit. I have the center all pieced together.

I have decided to change the lay out to finish it. This kit did not have enough background fabric so two of the applique blocks are pieced. I do not like that at all. Each time I look at the top those two blocks scream at me no matter what I do...My husband can pick them out easily SO. I am going with a different lay out with out and will not be using them. I have all the blocks trimmed and laid out almost ready to start setting them together. I have 2 or 3 applique blocks left to stitch around first.

3.Make web site changes, handout sheets, and January paper work. I did the web site and hand out changes. I did not do the January paper work.

So not a bad week at all for me. As for next week, well with the snow I will be walking in and out for a while. We are supposed to get more snow later in the week.

I think I will mostly work on the old ufo. I think I can get those last blocks stitched around.
I have some quilting to do for me but time may not be on my side this week.

The center of the old ufo top.

Taken from inside my house...this is the path to my quilting house. Don't let it fool you the snow is above the knee almost mid thigh on me.

The drive way.. 20 inches of snow is a lot for us. The 4 wheel drive truck pushed snow with the bumper until it could not any more then we would shovel and go again. So not fun. Even if we get to the HWY it is not yet plowed but will be later today.

This guy was sure happy to see me...and happy that it stopped snowing. The snow is really almost up to his back.

Won't be moving the car till spring. I think.

Taken from the house during the storm. We were getting about two inches of snow a hour.
The sun is shinning today but, it is cold and we are supposed to get more snow in a few days. The white stuff will be around for a while.
Where is spring? I miss spring.
Go on over to Bari's and see how others are doing with their goals. You might even want to join in the fun.


Tamera said...

Goodness! We have that much snow, but we've had it for a while.

We got it a few inches at a time, lol.

Shelly said...

We've got more snow than I've seen in years this year. If I was still a kid, I'd probably be loving it, but I guess I'm getting to be an old fuddy-duddy, because I don't!

Anonymous said...

I am with Shelly! We didn't get near as much as you, but my back is sure hurting from shoveling the ice/snow mix that was packed by the snow plow when it went through. Even our four wheel drives coulnd't have gotten through that mess.

My kids are enjoying might also once the shoveling is finished!

You got a lot done and the UFO is looking good. Sometimes it is amazing what a little change in plans can do to your mojo!