All I had on my list was to quilt the fun strip quilt. Not done..It is partially loaded on the machine....Does that count for anything?

I did sort my scraps.. That must count for something!

I don't even have a photo to share this week. Sigh.

Spring is starting to show itself. The spring frogs are out, The wood ducks that nest behind our pond are back. I hear the Killdeer calling each other. These strange looking little birds nest on the ground ( our yard ) We have a lot of them in our yard.

Some green sprigs are popping up through the mud. Yes spring is starting to show up.

Goals for next week....Well I hope to get that fun quilt quilted. That is all and I hope I can fit that in. Free time is really scarce this month.

Go on over to Bari's I am sure every one else is doing better than I am. LOL

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Tamera said...

Oh, Jullianne! I'll trade you! There's NO sign of spring here. We're not even supposed to get much above zero today. There's NO lawn showing and the only thing green is our evergreen, lol.

And, partially loaded on the machine does count for something with me! :-)