Ok so nothing quilty to report this week...AGAIN.. I did not quilt that fun strip quilt.

I did spend a day at the lake.. Doesn't it look wonderful? It was COLD!!! I had a great day in spite of being cold. LOL Husband had asked me to help out with a fishing year end classic. I know only a little about fishing because I do not fish myself, but I do enjoy being a part of these things now and again. It really is fun. I am not sure just how much help I am at these events but hey..I try. LOL I took a ton of photos. They had some nice fish weighed in. It was a good day I think.

If you enlarge this photo and look real close you can see a eagle setting in the tree top. He was shy so I did not get a great photo but seeing a mature eagle in the wild is awesome...I never get tired of it.

These are some of my scraps. Last week I sorted my large scrap bin into smaller bins. Anything large went back into the stash, The bottom tub has nothing but odd strips for some sort of a strip project. I am thinking some string blocks or something. LOL The middle tub holds small scraps really to small to do much with. I am thinking that some day I might chop them up even smaller and use them in a art quilt...thinking confetti. They could just end up in the trash one day but for now I will keep them. The top tub is selvages. Yes Bari you have inspired me to save my selvages. One day I will make something with them. I promise. LOL
These are some chives that I had last year...they think it is spring. I really should clean out the dead stuff from last year. I left it to keep the roots warm LOL Yep that is why.
Next week I have to get back to quilting so, that is my goal for next week. Client quilts and hopefully that fun quilt for me. Stop by Bari's and see how others are doing.


Tamera said...

Well, no quilty pictures, but I sure enjoyed all the other pics!

crossroadsquilts said...

Oh, you are so funny! Selvages?! I tell you it is contagious....don't even now while you still can!

You actually did get quite a bit done this week if you got your scraps sorted. That is a MAJOR ordeal for me!

Aren't the eagles awesome? Was that at Truman? We see thm quite often at Stockton during the summer while we are fishing. Incredible birds! We had one fly within about 50 feet of our boat once - he was going for a dead carp up on the shore.

Can't wait to see the quilting you get done this week!