OK So last weeks goals were simple...and I got them all done. LOL OK so my list was really short. Sunday husband picked up limbs from the yard. The problem with having so many pecan trees in the yard is that they drop limbs big time. LOL So husband picked them up then we brunet two brush piles. ( not just from this yard cleaning up ).

Then Monday it looked like this... It snowed ALL day but, it stayed above freezing so only about two inches stuck. Thankfully it is all gone again. Tuesday we spent the day in Joplin with doctor's, and a nice lunch out, a little shopping.

I did quilt the fun strip quilt. I am not sure I like the wonky feathers just yet. I think a bit more practice is called for. LOL I won't be using this on a client quilt just yet. It was fun to do tho.

I also quilted this for a client. It is not finished in these photos. I had not planned on quilting in the sashing because, I was using Glide lime green thread. I did not think that it would look good on the brown. This client does not like the thread to show that much on the back. notice the white back. I knew she would not be happy with brown on the back with the green.

I took it off the machine and just did not like the way it looked. So back on it went and I quilted the brown sashing with the lime green thread. I was surprised at how well it blended in. In fact it looks good with the brown.
OK So goals for next week...Well let's see.. I have no days off the day job between now and next Wednesday. I have client quilts so that is what I will be working on.
The thing I am finding about quilting for others, at least for me is. I can go from having no client quilts, to one or two quilts a week to eighteen or twenty in a week. LOL I am not complaining just observing. I try very hard to only keep client quilts one month or less. Such a problem to have right!! LOL Again I am not complaining just observing. I am also noticing that I am getting a few more smaller quilts, lap quilts, wall hangings. A few bed size quilts but, more smaller quilts. I am wondering is this is a trend every where or just for me?
You might even want to join in the fun..


tamerasvanes said...

That quilt looks nice!

Alycia said...

After starting to piece a rather large quilt, I think I understand why people make smaller ones, they are faster LOL - Enjoy your week!

Anonymous said...

Your client quilt looks nice and I love the birds (chicks?) in there. Was that freehand?

I also think your wonky feathers are looking good. Is that Dawn Ramirez' style wonky feathers? She is a wonderful teacher.

I think you got a ton done this week. I also know that I much prefer to piece and quilt smaller tops! I hope I have done my one and only California king!

Have a wonderful week!


Jean said...

I like the wonky feathers. Looks great to me! is that a panto? I need to get back to quilting, have a few I need to get done. I haven't been quilting for others lately, too stacked up with class "stuff".lol