I have very little to share. My goals were...

1. Finish Jan.s quilt. Not finished but weather permitting it will be finished today.

2. Bind one baby quilt. Nope not done I did not even make the binding.

What did happen? Well the storms for one, we have had some dandy storms but thankfully not nearly what some to the south of us have had. I do not even plug in my machines in these storms. I also spent four evenings with my parents this week. They are just fine but they had some out of town family visiting and mom decided to make Easter dinner. I could not be there for dinner but I managed to make a appearance in the evening. One evening we went to a memorial service, not fun but is a part of life and family and community.

We also had a water leak... Sigh !! Under the deck no less. The deck had to be cut out, the leak repaired. We have left the deck floor cut out for now. Just to make sure the leak really is fixed, and with all the rain and storms...well we just can't tell. LOL but we think it is fixed.

Next weeks goals are going to be the same as last week because I did not get those done.

I will post some photos soon.

Go to Bari's to see how the others are doing. Hopefully better than I did.

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crossroadsquilts said...

Isn't it amazing how life gets in our way? All the little, storms, family...

That is not necessarily bad at all, just means we have to adjust and keep moving on!

Sounds good for this week. Glad your storms weren't too bad either.