This is what is on the machine now. Jan your quilt is just lovely.

I just about have all the S I D finished, the patterns are all sized and waiting.

This is a bad photo of the Killdeer that is nesting in between our garden hose. LOL Before winter we stretch out the water hoses to let all the water drain out and they don't freeze and break. This silly bird decided to nest right between two hoses. I wish she would hurry up and hatch because I would really like to roll up the hoses.

Goals for next week.

1. Finish Jan's quilt and load the next.
2. Bind a baby quilt

That is it. I know that is not much but I am keeping it simple. Stop by Bari's to see what others are working on.


Alycia said...

Sometimes simple is much better! Love that quilt!

crossroadsquilts said...

What a pretty quilt! Can't wait to see it finished....that is if you show us a picture.

I agree - keep it simple this time of year!