ACCOUNTABILITY REPORT I totally missed last weeks report. Didn't even realise it until Friday....Every thing is such a blur. What happened? Working LONG hours at the day job....Quilting client quilts....Just daily life, Nothing to interesting. I shut my finger in the car door... I really could have lived with out that but it is healing nicely and nothing broken so I am kind of happy there. We have lettuce, radishes up in the garden. Now to keep the dogs out of it. I have already lost half the radishes. I am really kind of tired of dealing with dogs right now. I am thinking that as they go on to dogie heaven I will not be replacing them.. I am thinking I would rather take my chances with the wild animals getting close to the house. Then again there is a big Bob cat lurking about. Oh Well. I do have a few photos to share this week. I quilted one just about like this one some time back. So cute..I just love it. Thanks Charlotte....I love your quilts and thanks for allowing me to work your quilts in around some larger quilts. I really appreciate it.

These three little quilts belong to Valerie. They are so cute, I think they are for co workers. I think! I don't know where she found these panels but they are cute I just love them so I had to share.

The Little Guy....Do you even remember a time when finding a stick just laying there made you happy? LOL A time when every thing is new and wonderful. Humm!!!! I think that maybe there might be a lesson or two here.. LOL

That old thing in the background is on the list for clean up.... Some day ! I think.

Goals for next week. Well it is going to be more tie a knot and hang on kind of week. I am still backed up a bit with client quilts... I know....I know... You all feel so sorry for me. Right? The day job is going to be more long days...not bad just long. So there will be no time for anything extra. Nada...nothing.. LOL Just more of the same. It is Spring after all.

Stop by Bari's and see how others are doing.

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Anonymous said...

I love the quilting on your little quilts! Gorgeous! Especially the flowers on the pink one. Some little ones are sure going to be happy with those quilts!

Your little guy is so cute! Believe it or not, mine are 6 and still get thrilled with a simple stick (naturally, it has to be just the right one!). He is a doll.

Your life sounds like mine right now. Are you going to make it to the longarm meeting Saturday? I am planning on it - supposed to be too cold to fish so we won't be going to the lake.

Take care and keep on keeping on!