Accountability Report

Some photos to share...This is the border I decided to use...a much better choice. Jan loved it.

The photos are not great but they are what I have. I need to work on taking better photos.

Things are crazy busy here...Everything is busy but, I like being busy so I am good.

Today I am supposed to have my half day at the day job...That tends to change into a full day tho. : ( I bought some tomato plants last night so those need to get planted..... I have to load the next quilt and get started with that....I have excepted two new challenges....Like I have time for that. LOL These are kind of secrete projects for now so you won't hear much about them for now. I have binding I could do but that will be last on my list .... I tend to put off binding.

I have chosen my next hand work project, You will hear about that is another post.

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crossroadsquilts said...

You have been busy! The borders on that quilt really compliment it well - I can see why your customer is pleased!

Can't wait to see your challenge "mystery" projects....those are always fun!

I am also right there with you on the whole binding thing. Have one this week that I can't ignore! LOL

Wish you could have made it up to MQS!