Accountability Report

Well I got two more quilts quilted.. but no photos. No bindings done or even touched for that matter. My tomatoes are planted and doing fine so far. I really don't remember what was on my list last week. LOL

Spring is here tho!!

and weeding. The weeds grow fast. We have been enjoying lettuce and radishes from our garden. Yum! I have not planted a garden in far I am enjoying having one this year. So far. LOL but it is early in the season and the weeds will grow.

Go on over to Bari's to see what the others are up to... go on check it is fun!


Anonymous said...

I still have to put my tomatoes in....maybe tomorrow if it works out!

At least you got a couple of quilts done. Are you going to show us pictures?

Enjoy your week and hope you get a lot done with only a few weeds!


Lori said...

the lilacs are blooming here and smell heavenly. So, you know how loud that smoke alarm was, did you have to stand on a step stool and jump up and down to knock it off the ceiling? I didn't even THINK about that I could have fallen and broken my leg. (the embarrassment of the neighbors coming to my rescue clouded my judgement)

Liddy said...

Pretty flowers! I agree with Bari, I'd love to see pictures of the quilts, bound or not ;-)

Shelly said...

Sounds like you've been busy, photos or not! A garden alone would do me in . . .