Accountability Report

I don't have a lot to report this week. I did choose my next hand work project. I know I could have chosen to do bindings but ...Well bindings are not very portable. LOL That is my story any way. I have chosen to do turn needle applique from this book. You can see that their are only four blocks so I am hoping that I don't take ten years to finish this one.

I did receive my new machine wheels and got them installed. Boy is it nice to drive my big machine again. I just replaced with beveled wheels but it is good again. I have loaded the next client quilt but, no photos to share. I am just getting started with it and it is a large custom job.

I did go through some boxes of stuff ( junk ) the trash man will love me this week!

I have decided to make a monthly goal this time... I will try to report weekly on my progress.

This month I want to finish the first applique block. I have it all ready to start, all the prep is done. I also want to finish setting together the quilt that was in my last report. I have half the rows stitched together so I just need to stitch the other half and the rows. That should be enough. With client quilts and all the non quilt related stuff.

Go on over to Bari's and see what every one else is doing.


Jean said...

That is a gorgeous quilt. What colors will you use?

Anonymous said...

I love your applique blocks. Can't wait to see your colors and fabrics. I totally agree - bindings are NOT portable!

What kind of wheels did you get? How does your machine feel now? I love my new wheels....they made a big difference!

Take care!


Shelly said...

Very pretty choice for a handwork project!