Well I think summer is here, it was 91 on the thermometer earlier.

Today I went in to the day job for 3 -4 hours to catch up on stuff only to find that every thing I needed to do was right in the middle of what some one else was working on and I have to wait until they are finished. So I worked around what I could and decided to just go have a hair cut, stop by the grocery store, and a stop to pick up some Poblano pepper plants for my garden.

When you live in the country you make your trips to town count! Made it home about 2pm. Got everything unloaded and put away, started some laundry. Where does all the laundry come from any way?? does it multiply in the night when I am sleeping? I don't know but it seems like I am always doing laundry, and I am LOL I hate dirty smelly cloths laying about. Headed to the studio to do a little quilting but, it was 85 degrees in there. By the time it cools down it would be time to start dinner SO. ... The garden took that time. I planted my peppers and stuff. Harvested the Swiss char, and weeded. We had two inches of rain last night so the garden was a little wet but it is done. Started dinner and had a sink full of Swiss char, and my niece calls..I am at grandmas come and see me. LOL Of course I did. Dinner could be late just this once...LOL

I have 14 tomato plants, 4 bell peppers, 2 jalapeno peppers, 4 poblano peppers, green zucchini, butternut squash, radishes, red onions, dill, leaf lettuce, spinach, Swiss char,and sun flowers. The radishes, lettuce, spinach and now the Swiss char are gone. As I take something out I plant something in its place. It is not a very big garden.

The spinach did not do so well. The dog dug it up THREE times, I have a huge bowl of lettuce in the fridge now and we have been eating lettuce for a while. Wilted lettuce kind of sounds good but I can't remember how to make it. LOL Probably just as well. I am sure plain lettuce salad is heather any way. With dinner over, the swiss char cleaned and cooked. We will have it for dinner tomorrow. It always amazes me that a sink full cooks down into about two servings. I have about one and a half hours or so before bed. What to do....What to do! I know, Dishes, and put the laundry away.

Kind of boring life..Right? Nope!!! I am not bored, I always have something to do, and for the most part I like what I do. Some days I do quilting....some days I do other things. I have a client quilt I am working on, while I am doing other things. I am thinking! I am gathering ideas. I will have some quilting time soon and some of those ideas will be perfect. I just know it.

I might just fit in a little hand applique yet tonight. Maybe! Then it will be a great day.

Quilting is kind of like chocolate with out the calories. A little every day is good for you. Quilting and chocolate in the same day..Is a Great day!! Today I had a little chocolate so it was a OK day, but if I can add a little quilting.....

Today I am remembering how every thing changes...In the blink of a eye!

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Jean said...

Wonderful big garden. I have a much smaller space, but love fresh tomatoes and peppers. I feel like we are similiar. I never get bored, there is always something to do or something to create!