I did not do any work on my applique block. LOL I worked on these hexies instead. Just what I need a new project. LOL I met some really nice ladies, two of the ladies brought us all kits to work on if we wanted to. Of course I wanted to. LOL

I had tried English paper piecing twice before with only OK results. This time was a success.. I think I am hooked. These are done using laser cut card stock kind of paper.

Thank you ladies for offering me a kit and some time to play, I had fun ! I think that if you just do the first round that it would be a perfect size for coasters. I need some new coasters ! LOL Ok so new coasters are kind of low on the list of things to do right now, but you will see more hexies in my future.

This is what is on my machine right now. Neat huh !!! Linda pieced this lovely top. It is lovely !

I have a ton of things going on the rest of the year. Imagine that ! Right ?

My quilt guild is having a quilt show in October. That should be fun and keep me busy. LOL

I have joined a row by row swap kind of thing. I have not done this type before ( I bet you could tell that ) any way.... I am told to pick a theme, piece a row and bring it next month to hand to the next person. That person will piece the next row and then pass it on. Eventually you get your rows back and have a top all pieced.

I have decided on a theme and some fabric. I think I want to keep it small. A wall hanging size would be nice I think. Now to choose my row and get it pieced, package it up with some fabric I think and I think I have to send directions or something about my theme or something. LOL

I have no idea what I am doing here...Can ya tell ? LOL It is OK because this will be fun. I only have to piece one row a month. OK so I am adding that to my things to do list. That list just keeps getting longer. LOL I have got to stop raising my hand and saying...I can do that ! Humm. but then I would not have nearly as much fun.

I also have a machine quilting challenge due for the show. One of the other machine quilters challenged us to do this and I raised my hand..LOL There is almost no piecing and the piece is to be a wall hanging size, and I don't have to have it until September soooo..... I said...I am in, I can do that. Now I am brain locked for ideas.. LOL Good thing I have two months to work it out.

OK so if any of you see me with my hand raised...Slap it down quick ! LOL I seem to have lost control.


Jean said...

Hexies are fun. I am using the plastic templates, so they can be reused. Can you reuse the cardstock ones? I am sure my hexie quilt won't be huge, but it is fun to try something new and learn how to do it.

Anonymous said...

I love doing hexies! I have one of those projects, in red, black and white, started also. That is my portable basketball game project (so obviously it hasn't been worked on in a while!)

You ARE busy! Have you thought of tying your hand to your belt loop or something so you can't raise it?

There is a challenge coming up for the SW Missouri longarmers also.... Just one more won't hurt! LOL