A family trip to the Zoo.. Our daughter came in just for the zoo trip even tho her husband could not be with us... We missed him and he missed a lot of smiles and fun.. We spent the day at Dickerson Park Zoo in Springfield Mo. Such fun !

Our son, wife and the little guy as we are leaving the zoo.

OK so this photo is not great, but... dad and son have just about the same expression.

As we were checking out the gift shop. They had a basket of stuffed animals. The little guy kept taking out a animal, hugging it and putting it back... getting another , hug it and putting it back... until he found just the right one. LOL

The little guy is not sure what this is...but Mom said he could climb on it so he did . LOL

What is that in there?

YYYEEEEAAAAA!!!! Daddy helped me feed the Swans.

And the Giraffe... I really like the Giraffe!

A good day was had by all !!!!!

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Jean said...

looks like a fun day. I haven't been to the zoo here in years, think it's time for a visit.