Well my report is a Little better this week but still slim. A little progress on the applique block.

This is the quilt I have had on my wall waiting to be set together. You can see that some of the blocks have fallen off. I did pick them up off the floor and they are in a nice little stack waiting for me. My next client quilt is waiting for a new back.. I could just load the next quilt but I will have the back tomorrow. So This morning while was kind of cool I did some stitching for me.

Just a little. I may go back and stitch a bit more until it gets to hot. When it gets to hot ( if it is not already to hot ) I will be in the air at the house.. I can find something to do. I need to clean the oven. Heck there is plenty of cleaning I could do. I might even take a nap ! I hardly ever take a nap. I will probably watch a movie and work on my applique block, I might even get in a little reading time. I have plenty to do.

This is really a terrible photo but, a really nice quilt. I quilted it up yesterday. Thank you Betty for allowing me to work on your lovely top.

A finished photo of the back.

Next week is kind of more of the same. LOL I bet you are tired of hearing that from me. Right?

Well I am just going to keep plugging along on these projects. Slowly but surly. Right?

I do have to start my row by row project. My first row is due the 13TH . I am thinking my theme will be fall... I have some fabrics in mind and maybe a pattern. So I kind of have a start.

Can I make taking a nap a goal? LOL Hummm doesn't sound like a productive goal but I sure would like to.

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