Well my accountability report is slim...on account of I have far to much going on at the moment. Last week I even forgot to post my report.. I remembered Friday, not sure where the weeks are going but they are going fast. I am still working on client quilts but no photos to share there this time.

This is a photo of my applique block I wanted to finish this month. I am not sure I am going to get it done, I may have to put it on hold to work on my row by row project. We will see tho, I still have a few days left to work on it. Nothing done to the quilt I wanted to have set together, It will not happen this month and might not happen next month.Time will tell.

My garden is growing nicely, This is a photo of a leaf from the smallest sunflower. I have been kind of studying leaf shapes lately so I have a photo of this one. We always plant giant sunflowers on the west side of our garden, to give the garden just a bit of shade in the hot afternoon.

If you look close you can see a nice green tomato. I have at least 30 of them on my plants, this one is larger than the top of a coffee mug. I can't wait until they start to turn red. Yum!!

My garden photos are not terribly pretty to look at, we mulch with compost straw, leaves and grass clippings. For the grass clippings I just rake the yard after it is cut. Husband just kind of rows it up for me. I can just rake it up and use it easily. I am so happy with my little garden. I have lots of green tomatoes, all the peppers have little peppers on them. I could probably pick jalapenos now. The zucchini is blooming. I am happy.

I know the tomatoes are planted far to close together. I wanted them close but I think next time I will give them a bit more room. LOL This is like one mass of plants, it is going to be a little harder to pick when the time comes. LOL I bet I can do it tho. I like to plant closely to get more in a small space, once it is planted we never use a tiller or anything like that. Only a hoe and hand pulling those weeds. That sounds like it takes a lot of time but it really does not, only about fifteen to twenty minuets twice a week until I get the mulch down then almost no weeding at all. Just harvesting the crop. I hope.

To see how every one else is doing being accountable stop by Bari's. Go ahead check it out , you never know you might just be inspired.


Anonymous said...

Your garden looks wonderful! That is also one of the reasons my Quilter's Accountability Report has looked so dismal the last month! LOL

My tomatoes are not nearly as far along as yours. I have some blooms, but no actual tomatoes yet. The kids and I dug up potatoes last night. I need to harvest the garlic.....never ends and I love it!

The quilting will be there when the garden isn't. I am like you on the customer quilts and not getting any of my own stuff done.

Keep showing us garden pictures!


Shelly said...

I don't even have a garden as my excuse. Seems like there's always something to stay busy with, tho!

Jean said...

I usually plant my tomatoes too close together as I forget how big they get! Yours look great! mine are blooming but no tomatoes yet.