I have very little that I can show this week or even talk about for that matter..

So this report is boring. LOL

It is HOT here... really hot and dry.

The garden has kind of stopped growing, the tomatoes are ripening but they are not a large as they would have been. The bowl in front is my lunch. I love tomatoes. Husband keeps saying... We might get enough to make sauce with..but I am doing my best to eat them all up. Yum!!!!

I did take a little time out and made a quick shopping trip. I hate shopping but I had to do it. Sigh!! I have lost enough weight to drop one full size. Now that is a good thing.

The Little Guy and I were taking a walk and I was the one loosen my britches....Well I knew it was time to shop even if I did not really want to. Sigh!!!! I know you all feel sorry for me...

I know you do. ............Sometimes ya just have to suck it up.

I have taken in some things but I am a quilter now and well you know how it is..Right? That ranks right up there with darning socks. Not the way I like to spend my time.. LOL

I plan on loosing a few more pounds so I simply don't want a new wardrobe just yet.
No I am not on a DIET I have simply made some small changes in my lifestyle.

Next weeks goals...Well. I just don't know. I am not doing a lot that I can post about.. I did not do any bindings so that will stay on the list. I have a sew day with friends... I guess that is it.. I know it looks like a wimpy week for me. LOL

Stop by bari's and check every one out... you might even decide to join in.

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crossroadsquilts said...

Congratulations on losing weight! I have been trying, but my hubby is just too good a cook! I actually have been working out though - running and lifting some weights so that is progress.

Your tomatoes look great! We have only gotten enough for salads so far, but have quite a few on the vines.

If you are like me on quilting, you are just trying to keep your head above water somewhat! It will get better!