Well as you can see I could not eat all the tomatoes no matter how hard I tried.. I made three quarts of sauce and I have some juice cooking off as we speak.

How I do this is... I just wash and remove the green core and any places that might be bad. Cut the tomatoes in big chunks leaving the skin on... in the crock pot until it is all cooked. Then I take my immersion blender ( stick blinder ) and juice it all right in the crock pot. The stick blinder kind of adds some air to the juice so I let it cook again until I think all the air is gone and it is as thick as I want. I ladle it into jars and do a hot bath method I think it is called.

One crock pot full of tomatoes only makes three quarts but hey I don't mind.

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Jean said...

Yummy tomatoes. I just picked my 2 and 3rd tonight. Soooooo good.