I still do not have a lot that I can report on.. LOL

It feels like I am so busy yet I have so little to show. I am just working on things that I can not share. Sigh!

I have been doing some family things..This photo was taken a couple of weeks ago at Dad's 80TH B-Day party. The girls really want to play with the little guy but, He is not so sure. The little guy has only boys to play with. He made friends with the boys that day, played ball and hung out with the guys but, when the girls tried to join in he did not know what to think at all.

He is doing all kinds of really cute things that I of course do not get photos of.. LOL His new word is purple. And much to his parents dismay..he has discovered that spitting water out of his mouth much like a Whale is a lot of fun... during dinner of course. LOL

Remember the 1.50 inch blocks from last week? This is them all set together, you will notice I changed the setting. I just liked this better. Now it is back in a box waiting, I have not decided what to do with it. Do I just add it to the odd blocks? or finish it into a doll blanket? or..I don't know, for now I am finished with it.

This pile it the 1.50 inch samples I found in the same tub. I have been stitching them in two's while I am waiting... Waiting for the water to boil...waiting for.. Well you know the few minuets in between mundane household tasks. It doesn't look like much but it adds up. I had saved these to make a kind of a charm quilt so that is what I am doing. It won't be a large quilt but I don't mind, they will be out of the tub and off my list.

I have also been doing a little Menu planning just making notes in my calender nothing fancy.

I have a chicken brining for the smoker tomorrow...so that is a start. LOL We love smoked chicken but it takes a little planning to make it happen. ; )

One day to thaw....One day to brine....one day to smoke...


Anonymous said...

Your little quilt is looking wonderful! I also can't wait to see the other made out of the samples.

I so understand the overwhelmed thing! I am lucky though that my man does most of the cooking because I hate to figure out what to eat and to plan it. Gives me major stress! A menu plan should help you considerably. Keep it simple, and once you get a list of meals you like and that work for you all, just keep repeating them.

Good luck!


Jean said...

Love this setting for the hst.