The brine is simple but it does add a step to the process, sometimes I just skip this step.

I used one quart of water, one cup of kosher salt, some molasses, garlic and onion powder a bay leaf and a bottle Or can of beer. I prefer a dark beer for this but what ever you like would be fine. If you don't want to use beer at all no big deal just use something else...The main thing is to make sure the meat is covered in the liquid. For a large cut of meat like the chicken I leave it over night at least in the fridge. The longer you brine the more flavor the meat will absorb.

After the over night soak in the brine, I added a rub both inside and outside. I can't really tell you what is in the rub because husband made this one.. It probably had a little bit of every thing in the spice cabinet. There are some great spice mixes in the stores, find one you like or mix up something from the spice cabinet.

We are SMOKIN!!!!!!!!!!!

About five hours later I have a tasty, mouth watering, tender chicken for dinner. Yummy!!!!

Dinner tonight Smoked chicken, steamed broccoli, baked beans, and possible a green salad.

The bones from the chicken goes into the crock pot covered with water and will make a nice broth to be used later.

I usually smoke more than one chicken at a time.. My little smoker will actually hold quite a bit. A time saver would be to fill it up and freeze the extra for other meals.

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Jean said...

looks delicious! I wish I had you cooking here! (my husband would probably agree!)