Wow...It is such a beautiful morning, nice and cool.

I took my coffee out to the deck but the dogs were so excited and jumping about that I gave that up for now. LOL They are sure ready for a day of whatever it is that dogs do.

I am feeling better this morning not top notch but better. Yesterday I spent a large part of the day curled up on the couch under a blanket. I suspect that the neighbors field of rag weed is the problem.

OK so on the quilting front.... LOL I have not been taking photos of these client quilts. Sometimes a client just says no... or to be more accurate... I only show my quilts after the binding is finished...the quilt is not finished until the binding is complete. I am not doing the no photos.

I love machine quilting for others... I get to help them finish their quilt and work on quilts that I would never have pieced myself. I love seeing the patterns and different color choices, each quilt has a story and many times I get to hear the stories and become a part of that story. Such fun...

So I am wondering...How do you choose a machine quilter? Do you choose the quilter because of their quilting style? or is it the pricing? I know that cost is a factor but is it THE deciding factor? Just wondering how you choose a machine quilter.

Recently a fellow machine quilter and I were having a conversation. I quilt part time and she quilts full time, because I choose to quilt part time I take in fewer quilts than she does working full time. She asked me...What do you do just tell them NO. LOL and yes sometimes I do say NO but most of the time I just tell them how long it will be before I can quilt their quilt and sometimes they wait and sometimes they take their quilt to some one else. It is a choose. I understand that, after all I choose to quilt part time instead of full time.

Which brings me to my next random thought.. LOL

I have been asked.. Why don't you just quilt full time? Well I enjoy the security of a regular pay check. ; ) I know I could probably make almost as much money quilting full time as I do at the day job but, not with out the trade off of the security of that pay check. Then there is the burn out factor... I love machine quilting but I am afraid that if I HAD to quilt just to make a pay check... well I think I would loose some of the joy in quilting. I could be wrong there.. I have only quilted part time but... I do get quilters block once in a while as it is. LOL

Still I sometimes wonder... I am thinking about moving to more full time quilting.. I am just not quite ready to let go of the security of knowing that on pay day the day job will made a deposit into the bank account.

I have a ton of random thoughts running about in my head...but enough thinking for now... Time for some breakfast... Would love breakfast on the deck, that would mean facing the field of rag weed and probably the dogs... Hummm...

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Jean said...

I know what you are talking about here. I was doing some parttime quilting for awhile, but with classes and my day job, it was too much. I like quilting the quilts, but think I might get tired of it if that was all I did. I enjoy the creative process of piecing the quilt tops so much. As I am making one, I am thinking of what I will make next.

I could keep pretty busy if I could just get all my quilts quilted and bound...I have quite a pile.