This is the garden now.. Kind of sad. LOL The sunflowers are gone and I cut the stalks down , they are tossed out for the birds to enjoy. I removed most of the pepper plants...they were finished and the zucchini is gone. I think I only got two zucchini off the dang thing. LOL This has not been a great year for gardens but, I did enjoy it and I am thinking of doing it again next year. I really do not want to have to fence the entire thing again next year. The grass in the fence really bothers me. LOL I can't remove the fence because I still have winter squash growing in the fence.

On the quilting front...I still have no photos to share...I am still working on client quilts that I can not share. :) I have been just a little under the weather so no progress on personal projects. Allergies are kicking my butt....I have spent what free time I have had sleeping it off. LOL I actually fell asleep around 7:30 the other night...on the couch. I have had zero energy this week, but this will pass and I will be feeling better soon... I have a meeting with a client today so I have to get it together.. LOL

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Anonymous said...

Your garden looks about like is sad! Last year I got about 80 small pie pumpkins off one plant. This year I got one pie pumpkin off one plant before it died. My corn croaked, but I am still getting some very yummy tomatoes and my lima beans love the heat and bugs! What is up with that?!

Will we ever get to see your client quilts you are working on?

Hope your allergies clear up and you feel like getting more done this week. At least it is supposed to be cooler!