It is Wensday again allready.. I am enjoying the cooler weather a lot, maybe a little to much LOL I am not getting as much done as I would like but I am certianly enjoying...taking walks and coffee on the deck.

I am getting some house cleaning done. Most people spring clean I fall clean. LOL OK so I do a little in the spring and in the fall. We almost have one storage room empty...Yes we have been getting rid of useless stuff. We need to replace the floor in this area of the building so everything had to go. LOL That meant that I had to move everything just about in my studio, to make room for some stuff. LOL I guess that means that I am just shuffling stuff not getting rid of stuff.

I am still quilting client quilts so not a lot of photos. I loaded the camera program on the new computer, but have not even tried to use it yet. LOL I get a error message each time I boot up the computer so I don't know? I will have to find some time to check it out soon.

I am trying to get my time organised a bit better. Trying to find larger blocks of time to do certain tasks. I am off for now...much to do. LOL

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Anonymous said...

Funny but I have been in a cleaning mood also! What is up with that?! LOL

I am loving the cooler weather....just FYI, early teal season starts Saturday so you might see the Hunter and Big Brother somewhere up your way come Saturday...LOL.

Hope you get lots done!