No photos to share right now but I am working. LOL I promise!  It has been a busy week and I can hardly believe that it is Wednesday already.  I have been quilting on client quilts..Charlotte if you are reading this I am working on yours now.

I have a new project... Imagine that right?  I will be moving my studio. Now this move will not take place any time soon but unless something happens I will be making the move. I am currently in a 30 year old trailer house or part of it any way.. No matter what we do to it it will always be a old trailer house with issues. We have talked about building new but the cost and time and well we only talked about it, you know maybe next year kind of talk.

 Recently I was made a offer that I could not pass up. I was offered a 1200 square foot building that had been a rental. Now the structure is in great shape but the inside has been tore up a fair bit... Like every door and wall had holes knocked in them and well I think they had cats... several cats... living inside. Some one patched some of the holes but they did a really bad job of it.

I had not planned on making any changes until this time next year but the offer might not be there next year. So we have began.

  I thought about taking photos along the way but then..I was to embarrassed for the people that moved out... Now I am no house keeper but this is more than bad house keeping.

 Any way that is what I have been doing... working the day job, quilting client quilts and checking out the future studio space.. Now the cleaning begins and the painting...and...... Well we will have to see what is next.


Anonymous said...

A new studio space is cool! I know you have had issues with the trailer house...not to mention heat during the summer and cold during the winter. How far from home is the new place going to be? Still pretty convenient?

I can just imagine you have been busy! Too much for all of us to do!


Jean said...

Sounds awesome! Take pix, chances are they don't read your blog