This is what it looks like on the back side of our pond.

 All over grown, several hollow trees. I took a walk back there to see if I could see how many hollow trees there are.... We have  several Wood ducks using the area and they nest in hollow trees.

 I didn't get very far..I kept running in to these cobwebs... they were Hugh. Probably four or five feet across. After I ran into and dug myself out of about three of them I turned back. I was thankful I found no spiders.. HUMMM      How big would the spider be.. LOL 

Not a great photo of some wood ducks on the pond. I had to take the photo through the window screen. The ducks are really not people friendly at all. LOL I have been able to count as many as 16 ducks  on the pond at once. I love to here them hitting the water when they land. I enjoy watching them swim about..

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Anonymous said...

Aren't wood ducks gorgeous! I love watching them. If only we had some water here we might have some also as we have plenty of trees!