Ok so I am not quite used to the new computer and some of the changes...I managed to load the photos backwards... Sigh... Well any way. I do believe it feels like fall. I got up to a nice fall like day. I started the day off by making corn bread for my breakfast... Nice warm corn bread dripping with butter...on a nice cool morning.. Wow that made a great start to my day. LOL
Photo below

As I left the house and headed to the studio.. I could hear the crows the crows are very noisy this time of year, I could hear the buzz of a chain saw, and smell the fresh cut wood.. The sound and smell of fall here. I could feel fall this morning to.. I started out in shorts and flip flops but only made it to the deck.. Far to cool for that this morning, made the quick trip back inside for long pants and shoes.

Yes it feels like fall. So much so that I decided that I wanted potato soup for lunch...Yum. While that was cooking I made myself a tuna salad sandwich to go with the soup. ( above photo )

AND I actually sat down and enjoyed my lunch. No TV, No paper work or computer...only lunch.

This was the temp in my studio at 1:00....still cool. I enjoyed having the windows all open even if it was a bit cool... Feels all aired out and fresh now.

Just a nice fall day.

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