So I have got to get a handle on my time...You will see some of that in future posts.  I have made a decision to make some changes, small changes but I think ( hope ) they will help me to feel less like a mad woman running about in a crazed daze.. LOL I have taken a hard look at my schedule and the things that need doing. I can not get it all accomplished this year, SO !  I will decide on what is important to me to do now ..and go from there. 

One of the changes is going to be my computer time.. I will still be checking in daily but, my time will be shorter. It might take me a day longer to return mail...but it must be.  With blogging I can create a few posts and schedule when they post... So I will be doing that. I am trying to set aside a hour or so each week just for that. I may still post some in real time but my plan is to mostly schedule post es. It will be a few days behind for the most part but I am fine with that for now.

My thinking is...I will be more productive with less multi tasking...When I am blogging that is all I am doing a that time...not watching TV...or cooking dinner..or whatever. I will be doing the same for other tasks. I am just kind of dividing tasks up and creating a little space between them. Instead of every thing running all together making me feel like a mess. ( so the speak )  Like when I have been so busy trying to get several things finished at once and husband calls and is on his way home from work..and I have no idea what is for dinner and I now have less than a hour ( usually twenty minuets) to figure it out. That kind of chaos makes me crazy.

 We will see how it actually works out but, I do think this change in thinking will help create productivity.

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