This week has been kind of a blur for me...I am kind of wondering where the week went.   So what did I do?  I worked on a client quilt. I looked at my schedule, trying to find lager blocks of time to work on tasks, so far that is not working out as well as I had hoped. I will just have to be happy with the smaller blocks of time for now.  The menu planning has become sort of a list, so I guess that is something..sort of.

My camera batteries died and I forgot to pick up new ones... I usually have a spare set but not this time... or if I do I can't find them.  The above photo....Daughter in law took. I just love it. He is quite the little guy....

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crossroadsquilts said...

What a cutie the little guy is!

I understand about trying to find larger blocks of time....sometimes it just doesn't happen! LOL

I am glad you are getting familiar with the new computer. It takes a little while but should be much better than the old one once you get it all figured out.