Update..... I did get one crib quilt quilted and the walls cleaned in the new space. Then dad started dragging out the paint and stuff. He had decided to paint the ceiling...just to see what would happen.

The ceiling had / has some sort of texture that was sprayed on ...reminds me of cottage cheese.
 We knew what  would happen...when you get this stuff wet it tends to fall off. LOL

 Honestly the ceiling was so dirty that it had to be painted so we had decided to give it a shot. I had not intended to do it today tho. Oh well it is done, some did  fall off and we just painted it again.  It looks a little odd but it is clean. besides who is going to be looking at the ceiling any way. Right?  While we had the paint open I painted the walls. So one room is almost painted. Except for the floor. I still have one door and some places that I will have to use a brush to paint. It would have only taken a hour or so to finish but I am tired...and my back hurts.. LOL

  I think it is safe to say that God did not make me a painter or a sheet rock person... Some places are a little rough but I say it gives the room some personality..After all I am a professional machine quilter not a professional painter / sheet rock person.

I have managed to wrap it up for the day... got a shower called hubby asked him to stop at Subway and bring dinner home.  I intended to go quilt a small quilt but the storm clouds are moving in and I hear thunder. We need the rain but I won't run the longarm during a storm.  So I will just have to do that tomorrow..unless the storm blows over before I fall asleep.

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Shelly said...

We're in the same boat. I didn't run my longarm today because it stormed here all day off and on, and I won't even plug it in during a storm. I also need to get to painting. I demolished my kitchen a month ago, and haven't even attempted to start putting it back together again. The painting needs doing, but I'm too busy quilting!