I feel like I got quite a bit done.  I Have had a ton on interruption's  so any accomplishment at all is good.

I got the porch cleaned up... I remembered to take a photo or two.. I loaded the next quilt on the machine and got all the stitch in ditch done..( above photo ) I took a long hard look at my schedule for the next few weeks.  Logged in the next 14 quilts.

I also put more of my things away.... emptied 3 totes of fabric... and found places for a bunch of other stuff. Hung a few wall hangings about the space.

The new space is taking some getting used to, but I am settling in.

One of my Aunts passed away. She had been ill for a really long time so in many it is a blessing.
Her son did not know what to do with her clothes so we are taking care of that for him.

Mom and I have gone through them ...some will be cut up for rags... most will be donated to a shelter. I am washing sorting and folding.
That is what I managed to get done.

Taking photos in the new space is going to take some practice...but I will find a way to get a decent photo..   I loaded a photo of the back of this little quilt..but it is missing.. Humm !!!

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