This is not a good photo !  I will have to try to take more photos before Rebecca picks it up. Such a cute quilt.   I guess I have to call her and let her know it is finished first..LOL 

Today is opening day of deer season ( gun season ) for us. So the alarm went off at 3:30AM

No I could not go back to sleep so, I did some laundry, played on the computer, and some reading.
I really have a ton of things to do today but, I bet  I will be wanting a nap about mid day.
I have phone calls to return, quilts to quilt, quilts to check in, cleaning to do. 
 The screened porch of the a cat litter box and cigarettes...
Nothing like  being greeted with that smell first thing.

I have nothing against cats... I actually like cats. I just don't want to smell them.
I have friends and family that have inside cats...with litter boxes and their homes do not smell.

This apartment did and the porch does...So I have some cleaning to do. I found this really good disinfectant like what they use to clean kennels with. It does a great job.

The porch had some things stored there that made cleaning it before now difficult.  The stuff is moved and the cleaning will happen. Today !!

I  know I have more things to do....but my brain is a bit foggy today. I blame it on the early morning.  I have to find my to do list and start marking things off..

Now where did I put that list....

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