I have been thinking about what I would like for 2012.. 
 What would I like to do in 2012 ?
Where would I like to take my part time quilting business? 

 Then I start thinking about all the things I am thankful for..  Then I realise that no matter what I choose in 2012   There really is nothing I want....I have enough. !

That does not mean that I will stop doing things or making decisions...
some good ...some maybe not so good.
 That does not mean that I will not continue to grow my quilting business or to grow as a person.

I will do those things. 
Yes there are things that I want to accomplish.  Some of which I still need to grow as a person to achieve.... kind of like taking steps to achieve the goal.

No matter what 2012 holds for me...no matter what I choose to do..
 I have enough and I am thankful.

I am Thankful for far to much to mention.. here.

The photo of the little guy.. Doesn't he look Thankful to ? LOL
I needed a cute photo for this post.. and...

He is having fun with my old peddle car.

Santa brought me that car in a sack thrown over his back when I was about 3 years old maybe 4.

I played with this car...my kids...my sister and her kids have all played with this car.
And now the little guy enjoys it as well.

I will never forget the first time I saw this car..All shiny and new setting on a shelf in our local car dealer... Or  when SANTA  brought it to me !

I had begged my daddy for the shiny red car...

My first car...and it was a shinny red Mustang......AND Santa gave it to me...

What more could a girl ask for?  LOL

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