Ok so I have finished my nine day stretch at the day job.. Soooo... Glad that is over. It also means that I am behind on just about everything.  So what is on the agenda for today?

  I have some house keeping that must be done. Far to mundane to mention.
 I have quilts to finish and I have not touched my machine in nine days. So quilting is happening. I need to finish the quilt on the machine and load the next..

Their are phone calls to make.. And some baking.. I need to make a desert for desert at Grandma's for Thanksgiving. And a side dish for the dinner. Two separate functions.. LOL Dinner at one house and desert at another. The Family holiday shuffle has began. LOL I am sure we are not the only ones to play the Holiday shuffle. 

  I also need to get the backing for a client quilt, the one they sent is not going to work. I called to let them know and I am to get what I need and just add it to the bill.  Third quilt on the list...so I have a tiny bit of time before I will be loading this one.

I think that is more than enough for one day. Now to see what I actually get done.

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