I spent most of today out of town....Soooo  Not much time for tidying up. I decided to give a tour of the new digs any way.  

 This program loads photos differently from my last program, I can't seem to remember this small fact. So the photos are not in the order I intended but hey I remembered to take photos..can't remember every thing.

The above photo is of a coffee table my son made before he  married. He selvaged a fallen cedar tree to make the table from. I have had it in storage for about four year,  it never left my house after he brought it in to show us.

I love the unusual style of the table and it now has a home in my new digs.

I may be lacking a sense of style but  I absolutely love these pieces and I don't care if they match.

So on with the tour.

This is in the room that will probably be mostly used as storage, at least for now. My dad made this little book shelf.  I have had it forever and I don't remember how I came to have it, but I love it. Dad called it a bucket bench.

This is a view of the same room taken standing in the door next to the book shelf. This room has a tiny rest room off it, so it may mot always be a storage room. Time will tell I guess.

This is of course the longarm room.. The pink wall is foam for a design wall. It just doesn't have the flannel over it yet. It's 12 feet long by  almost 7 feet tall. I have no idea why I want a design wall in the longarm room but I do. So It is there. This wall is perfect for large works in progress or two or three small projects.

Just a different view of the longarm room... Taken standing at the design wall.

These photos are backwards but it is different views of what was the kitchen living area.

OK so I told you I had not had time to tidy up.
My dad made the kitchen cabinets when he closed his cabinet business and turned it into the duplex.

Dad made the saddle rack quilt rack for me to display quilts, I have three of them so one will be in the new digs. The round table belonged to my Cosine Diane.... They bought a new set and wondered if I could use this table.  I love this table..we have eaten a few Thanksgiving dinners off this table.  Now it it will have a new life as a place for me to consult with clients and work on projects.

That really ugly chair... I love the simple lines. I love this chair. The wooden arms and legs are one piece and they are attached to the upholstered parts with screws. How fun is that? 

 Remove a couple of screws and it is in four pieces...easy! I see it being re done in a really cool fabric or even a quilt..Take one of those cheater type panels and quilt it up and use it as fabric to re do the seat and back. You could paint the wood or leave it with the worn look, either way I love this chair.

Now this I really love..

The side pieces and legs were selvaged from a church in Joplin after the tornado in May. They were just a pile of rubble..so to speak.
 Some of the pews were not terribly damaged but most were just pieces.

A close family friend was allowed to selvage the pieces from the church...He gave them to dad to play with. Knowing dad would love working with them.

Dad took the pieces and made the seat and back to match as best he could.  I think he did a great job..I love the look. The wood is beautiful.
 Dad thought I would like one for my new space. I love it.
 My pew seats two comfortably.

I will always have something beautiful made from the destruction of the tornado that touched so many lives..  That is a special gift.

My mom made the colorful throw rugs...you see here and there. I love those as well. They are made in part  from knit clothing and add a touch of color and texture.

There you have it.... Not a stylish space...

The building once housed my dad's business.
.He re purposed it into the duplex..again re purposed into my space.    Each unique piece has special meaning  and will all come together to make the space complete.


Jean said...

Ok, so now I am so so jealous! I love your new space and all your eccentric furniture! What luxury to have a design wall that big!

Anonymous said...

Julianne, I love your studio! It just looks wonderful. Any quilter would die for something like that!
Your Dad is really great! Take care, c