My objective was to get the space clean and usable.
Things will evolve as I use the space .

My husband thinks that this wall should have a design wall on it. I am not so sure !
Right now I am thinking I will use a curtain rod type of hanger to hang a quilt or two from, with possibly flannel behind that on the wall to use as a kind of  design wall.

With the curtain rod and the right kind of hangers...the quilt on display could easily be moved to one side to use the design wall.

That would also mean that I would need to move my bench. which weighs more than 100 pounds..
I do not want to be moving it often.

The above photo is as you can see a little dark. I tried to show the machine embroidered shawl that I hung over the window curtain. There is a table under the window. My personal fabric is stored in this room right now. I still have a sewing machine or two to move and they will go in this room.

I am thinking that I might move the bench here....with the back to the kitchen area. One end would be against the wall where the Sun bonnet sue top is now. A small design wall would be next to the cabinets under the small cabinets. 
 The TV ( if I ever hook it up ) will be on the opposite wall.
I could set on the bench and watch the TV and do... I don't know what. More likely I will have a sewing machine behind the bench to piece while I have the TV on.
Honestly I am not sure how much I will really use a TV but, The antenna is already there... I have a black box and the TV, so I thought I might try it.

The space will change as I use it, and I am hoping to use this larger room for stitching with a friend or two from time to time.

The longarm room has not changed  I like the way it is.
 I still need to cover that design wall.

It is still a work in progress but I am settling in nicely.

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TracyAnn said...

I LOVE IT! So much room to play with! It's exciting!