What did I actually get done today... Well I had a pot of vegetarian soup cooked by 7:30 AM

 While I was doing that I went ahead and cleaned some veggies and boiled some eggs for later.  I baked a Texas Cake for tomorrow.. Yum !  Did some cleaning. Yuck ! but it has to be done.

  Packed a sandwich and some soup and headed to the new studio..... I finished putting away my stuff.. Where did I get all that stuff any way?  LOL 

I am having some minor problems with my foot ..I am supposed to rest it ( stay off it some ) which means actually setting down from time to time instead of standing for 7 to 9 hours straight.

I did a little quilting and a little froggin.... The studio does not feel like home just yet.. I guess I am still settling in. I think I just need to spend  more time quilting.. LOL   to get comfortable with it all.

I did not get everything done that I had hoped today. I had one or two chores left that I would have liked to get done... I did not get the quilt off the machine and the next one loaded.. Almost but not quite done. I did get the next project laid out and pattern almost decided upon.
So I guess that is progress...

Dinner is over...kitchen is clean...I am setting with my feet up..  :)   Soon I will head off to bed.

Tomorrow is a new day..!  The kids will be here..We will have a fantastic dinner with family and friends... I will stay off my feet a bit more...while I visit and stuff myself...   I will....

I did take some photos but I those will go in another post...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL !!!!!!!!!!  We have so much to be Thankful for..

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Jean said...

I'm sure it will start to feel like home any day now! I have days where I don't feel like I got anything done, but I think the list is just too long!