Christmas came a little early at our house...

All the joy and wonder......
The Big Guy..( daddy) seems to think he may need to build a new room just for the toys.

Even  new chore cloths for the Little Guy....

A good time was had by all.

I will admit it was a very good thing that Christmas came early at our house.. Because..
 The nasty flu bug came for Christmas.. I spent all of Christmas day in bed, in fact today is the first day I have felt human again.. Weak, tired, but I think I will make it.  AND the good news is that so  far no one else got sick. OK so I shared with husband but he recovered quickly. I think he might have had sympathy sickness for me.. ; )

As this season draws to a close...I start to think about things.. Lot's of things. So I made a list.

The number 1's are tops waiting to be quilted
The 2's are works in progress...Notice I did not say UFO"S 
 OK so the One Block Wonder really is a UFO..and I just don't want to admit it.
The 3's are things I would like to work on this year.
I may add things to this list as I think of them during the next few days or even during the year.
I might just find a really cool new project I just have to do... Ya never know. I am thinking about learning to knit... socks. Maybe... but maybe not this year... Ok lets just say that this list may not be complete and let it go at that. OK

I have a second list just for binding.
 I have two quilts waiting for binding. One twin and one baby quilt..


I do not keep track of my lists from year to year, but I know that all the 1's have been waiting a long time for quilting.. and have been on the list before.
The 2's were all started this year except for the one block wonder, and the 3's Well I have thought I would make a spider web quilt for years.. Yes years.  The hexi project is just a idea...for now. Fabric coloring. I have played with it a little but I would like to do more. I have lots of ideas there. LOL  Table mats, runners, Oh and even a tree skirt....

OK enough thinking for now.  I get way more ideas than I have time for.

I have decided I will not be making any New Years Resolutions this year.
I have things I am working on and things I want to work on. So I will do so in whatever way I decide to no pressure, no stress. I may add or subtract projects as I choose.
 In 2012 I plan on relaxing a bit more... laughing a lot more... I want to enjoy what I choose to do.
I have decided that to many things to do or goals to keep, and I forget to have fun.

Ok enough for now....

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