This dang program seems to load my photos where ever it likes on the page. I have no idea how the tree got to be in the middle.. I wanted it at the top of the page GRRRRR.. LOL
But there it is. Oh well !!! I am not even going to try changing it.

This happy little quilt is next... I love the snow men.  Just love them !
And there is the tree..
The gifts are all wrapped,  the house is almost all cleaned... Almost.
I did not quite get all the treats made that I wanted to but... I have enough done to be happy. That is the main thing. Right? The kids will arrive tomorrow evening and the celebration will begin.  I am ready..

Yesterday I had about a hour to kill so I cut apart this horse panel and auditioned some fabrics to go with it.  The pile on the chair are possible chooses but I really think I will need a shopping trip to find the right background fabric. 

The Little Guy loves horses..
 I think I will make some cati and boot blocks to go with the horses. 
 I am going to have to be creative to set these together so
we will just have to see how it goes.
I will not have time to do more with this for a while but
 I can look at it from time to time
 and maybe just maybe .. I will find a creative setting for it.

I like to keep a quilt on the longarm
 and a no thought kind of piecing project at the piecing machine
plus something on the wall to think about..

I am starting to feel at home in the new space..
 ( I am going to have to quit calling it the new space soon)

I still do not have my design wall finished..
 but I have most on my things organised like I like..
My mom tends to wander in watch me work for a bit then wander out again saying  well I better get back. LOL    At first it would startle me but I am adjusting. 

 May you find Peace and Joy..and most of all Happiness

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