My house turns into hunter central all Fall and early Winter..
 Things get a little busy and messy.. I will tidy up and take a photo or two later. LOL
 Waiting till later might be part of why things get messy.
The alarm went off at 4AM this morning.... Sigh !
 So far I have watched my hunters leave... called them back to retrieve a forgotten cell phone.  Decorated the tree. Well it is almost finished I forgot to pick up the candy canes for the tree. I have tidied up one room... Sucked down three cups of coffee ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich..
Not to bad for two hours.
 Left to do... Wrap gifts, Clean, finish client quilt, finish second client project which is almost done.  Finish inviting guests to Christmas eve at my house.
 Finish planning the meal,
 Call daughter..We have to talk ...
I must remember to take the turkey out to thaw. It needs to brine after it thaws.
Cards... I have some cards to get out.
OH MY....Did I mention I am working 40 hours at the day job this week?
What was I thinking?

I have Tuesday to make some pecan brittle or something. LOL
If I can get myself organised enough to have all the ingredients I need.
 That is the real challenge ya know !!

The Christmas eve at my house is usually
 Deli sandwiches or BBQ brisket sandwiches and snacks.
We go to my parents Christmas day for dinner
 so sandwiches at my house Christmas Eve was OK.

Until this year!
This year the kids want DINNER 
We will be eating at lunch and having the leftovers for the evening meal.
With cake and ice cream for the Little Guy's second birthday.
So far we have decided on..
Mac and Cheese
Cheese Cake
Pumpkin Cake
 ( maybe we might be having a Micky Mouse cake instead)
HUMM !!! Add talk to daughter in law to the list of things to do today. LOL
Hoping Daughter will make her stuffing.. It is awesome.
Hoping daughter in law will make her broccoli casserole also awesome.
Thinking I will ask mom to bring baked beans. They always go over good.
So far the guest list consists of
10 Adults
1 Two year old
Two Boston terriers one of which is basically blind from a accident.
The other is a jumper and a lick er...
Yes the dogs do count as a person...
 They take up space and add to the excitement of the day.!
Yes They Do!!!
The only Holiday dinner they get is what ever the Little Guy feeds them   :) 
He does like to feed them.
After all every one feels sorry for the blind dog....
The jumper and lick er, well she is just hard to ignore. LOL
Her targets for the day will be Me.. my Mom and the Little Guy ! 
 Until one of her parents notice.
Then she will quickly get the...I don't know what you are talking about look....
I am off to get started on that to do list..
Which is growing as I set here..

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Anonymous said...

Slow down, remember the tortoise and the hare. One thing is for sure, it will all get done and it will be wonderful! I am getting ready to do some of that, the kids are coming in spring so it will be the two of us for Christmas, which is okay with us also! Take care and talk later.