This is what is on my machine right now...Isn't it lovely?

I have been very busy. Imagine that! Right?

I have been thinking...
 Looking for clarity in what I really want for next year.
It is so hard to set goals with out clarity. I am struggling with that this year.

So I think my goal for next year is to find clarity.
I have a list of things I want to clarify,, OK so I have the beginnings of a list. 
 It is OK I will get there. I will....LOL

I am starting to feel more comfortable in my new space.
That is step one.


Anonymous said...

I think that quilt on your machine is very beautiful. That is one I would like to do someday. Take care and stay warm!

Julianne said...

Yes it is a beautiful guilt... I do wish I was finished with it tho... 10 hours on it so far...and I am not finished.. LOL