These are the guild blocks so far this year. I decided to make two blocks each time one for me and one for the guild. If I can keep up with it I should have a sampler quilt for me my the end of the year.

I am not sure where they got the pattern for the house block but that was for January.
February we could piece any star block we wanted. I went on line and choose this one.
 Called Friend's Star.. Found it at  I posted about this block earlier.
 This block has all its points because I read the directions after my other block. I think this block would look wonderful as the entire top.. It really does go together nicely.

As I was cleaning up my fabric closet I found these again.. They have been around a long time. 
 So I decided to stitch them together, after all I was using the day to catch up on piecing.
  I know these belong to the guild and I have no idea how long I have had them but they are now set together. I will take them back next meeting and see if I can find something to border it with and a backing.  Maybe some one at guild will have a idea on what to do with them next. It is a odd size right now.. 24 X 36  Hummmm I might remove a row and make it square. That might make it better. Wish I had thought of that before I stitched it up. LOL
I intended to piece the block for March but I am not sure what the colors are to be. So decided to wait until I find out. They are not putting the colors on the patterns they hand out. They told us but I did not right it down so you know how that goes.. Sure I will remember. The star block was supposed to be blue and I did red... I think I will wait and see what colors the news letter says.. Just to be safe.

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