Some place on the web they are doing sewing rooms organising..
I have not been using this space long enough to really need a major clean up
but this closet was bothering me.  The other day I got busy and cleaned it up.
The stack-able bins have projects I want to work on soon ( this year ) Not all of my projects are in these bins I just picked out some of what I thought I wanted to work on.
With them all in one place I should be able to pull something out when ever I have a few minuets to piece.. I hope ! Sounds good any way.

You cant see all my fabric in this photo. I no longer have a large stash. Well OK it is smaller than it used to be.  I have only bought fabric I needed to finish projects. I decided to reduce my stash probably about 7 or 8 years ago. Don't get me wrong once in a while a fabric will grab onto me and follow me home.. : )   I am good with that.
 My decision was to stop buying fabric just for the sake of owning it.

I was looking for something in my stash and found a bunch of fabric that was ruined... I salvaged what I could of the damaged ( by sunlight and age ) fabric and made dog blankets.
I thought it was such a waste at the time.

That was a long time ago and I do much better now..   ; )  
 I may actually need to do some shopping this year. Well maybe.

What does your fabric storage look like?

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