I am not in love with this sample piece. I do like it tho I just do not love it.
I know I might change my mind when it is actually finished but I doubt it.

I have learned a lot during the process which was the idea Right?
I had problems getting the color set. So the outer edges of the block outside the motif..look dirty to me. The color transferred to the areas I wanted to be white...really white.
The method I used needed to be heat set.. I heat setting with the iron and in the dryer.  Which caused most of the color transfer. There is a product that can be mixed with the textile medium that  makes it un- necessary to heat set. I will try that later. The pen I used to outline with bled a bit.. I will try something different next time.

I have had a lot of fun trying this out and I have learned a lot for next time. I am not ready to use this in a quilt but I am looking forward to having time to play with the process more.

It is fun and I have a ton if ideas where I would like to use coloring in my future projects.

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Jean said...

What technique did you use? I looked back, maybe not far enough, to see, but didn't find it. I think it is pretty!