My quilt guild like most guilds has a block each month for community quilts.
 I decided that I would make two blocks each month. One for the guild and one for me...and I would have  a quilt for myself at the end of the year.  I must say that it is not going to well so far  LOL  

The first block ( January ) was a house block. OK so I cut out two blocks piece one took it to guild and the second one for me, is still waiting to be pieced.

February block was a star block, any star, any color. I went online and found this pattern
 ( I am not sure where I found it but I can look and give credit later )

I am thinking I can surly piece three blocks this evening.. 
The house block is already cut out and this block looks fairly straightforward. Not to difficult.
So I cut out two of these star blocks and got started.
I had a terrible time. I got one piece turned upside down and backwards some how LOL
So I swiped a piece from what was to be the second block and kept going.
  Wait now my pieces do not fit....LOL
 I have already ripped out and re stitched twice. This is not going well..
 OK so I decide to just trim the thing to size. Which means that I loose my inside corners!
Yep I whacked them off LOL The photo does not really show it but they are gone.
I finish piecing the block and give it a final trim. It looks OK,
BUT I can't figure out why my pieces did not fit?

So If all else fails read the directions...RIGHT.. Well.....
I found out that I had missed a step. Apparently a important step.
The cutting directions said to cut a 5 inch square for the center.. I did that.
The piecing directions said to USE the TEMPLATE provided to TRIM the 5 inch block to size.
I totally missed that step.

I had cut out two blocks so I took the other 5 inch square and compared it to the TEMPLATE. The template is smaller. Sigh!! That might explain why my block was to big. At least I hope so. LOL

So If I had actually read ALL the directions I might have actually been able to piece all three blocks this evening. Instead I pieced one...The hard way!!!
 Now I need to re cut a piece for My block, and I have none of my blocks pieced for the year.

I am starting to think that maybe I will only end up with a kit for myself by the end of the year.
Cut out the blocks and put the directions with them and stitch them some day!!!

No !!! That is how I get UFO'S .
 I will get them pieced. I will catch up and get them pieced.
I will.... I WILL!!!!! LOL 

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Jean said...

I like this block. Will you do them all in red, or use scraps from other projects?