I know it is a bit early. but my field has been filled with Robins...and Killdeer
. The killdeer are so loud LOL Then today I heard the spring frogs..
.It may not be spring just yet but it feels and sounds like spring here any way.

Ok so this afternoon or late evening...
The wind picked up and the air got quite sharp...no longer feeling or sounding like spring.
So I guess it is true...If you don't like the weather just wait a bit and it will change..
 And not always for the better either.. LOL

Yesterday was such a nice day..
 I spent just about the entire day with a good quilting friend.
We talked and talked...LOL she has a new quilting machine so we played with rulers and patterns and books and well anything we thought of.
 I just had a great day. I hope to do it again soon..

What have you been doing?

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