My dear friend Charlotte has a Web Site that she sells these really darling quilts. You can find it here... Provided I got the link right. You know how that can be. 

Well today I had a bunch oF boring non quilting stuff to do, but I still wanted to do some quilting. Even if it was just a little quilting.  I did my boring stuff first got that out of the way. Then I choose this piece. I loaded it on the machine with a idea of how I wanted to quilt it.
 Hummm !!! Bessie ( my longarm) needed a good cleaning so I got that out of the way.

 I did not want to get any oil on the quilt so I grabbed a test sandwich from under the machine tossed it over the rails and started stitching away to run off any excess oil I might have... Well this is where I did just about the dumbest thing I have done in a long time... I had just loaded the quilt and had the leaders rolled out...for loading....not for stitching. I stitched my test piece to my leader...and not just a little bit either...

What was I thinking ??? Well I wasn't thinking. I just wanted to quilt and I had a idea and well ...It was a mess.  A big mess.. SIGH !! Ok so I had to remove the test piece, That took some time. Sigh..
Got that done and started quilting on the quilt...Did three blocks and realised that I did not like it at all...LOL Not at all. I guess my mishap with the test piece and the leader got me all off track or something. So I ripped out the stitching in those three blocks...Stopped...had a snack...and a short nap..Then tried again.. With much better results..

I got some quilting in today....And my machine is all cleaned and running smooth... The next quilt is ready to work on... Not a bad day after all.. LOL I also think I will remember to roll my leaders up before I test stitch ever again..... What a mess that was... Oh MY.. LOL

What did you go today?????

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Jean said...

What a mess....hate when you get so ecited to do something, you do something dumB lol