I bought the panel last fall I think
, and I have been trying to decide on how to set it togehter every sence. 
This panel was so cute and the Little Guy is crazy about horses..So I had to have it.

I had big planes on how I could set the blocks together...but ! I hated every thing I tried.
 Loved the panel but piecing to back together became a nightmare ! Well almost.
I pieced boots, and Cati, and tried to fit it together every which way.
I finely gave up and this is what I decided on.
 Quick simple and The Little Guy will love it.
You will notice there are no Cati..they just did not fit so they will go in the stray block box.
I still need to piece two more boots for the bottom row.
 And I think that if I am really careful I will have enough of that red to border it all. Then I have a cute
 cowboy print for the final border. 
 I almost wish I had used a darker blue for the background in the boots. But I did not and it will be fine.

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Jean said...

It's pretty, or should I say rugged and handsome? He will love it!